Facebook Has Been Issued A Massive Class Action Lawsuit, Which Could Result In The Social Netowrk Forking Over Billions In Damages

Meta just got slapped with a massive class-action lawsuit, with the accusation that Facebook has actively exploited user information in violation of competition laws.

Meta, lawsuits, and anti-competitive behavior are all near-inseparable terms at this point, with almost every month bringing a new story in about how Facebook’s content, WhatsApp’s policies, or Instagram’s influencers (that last one may not be Meta’s own fault, but I’m still going to count it). The debate about online security and privacy has been ongoing for quite a while, but as lawsuits such as this prove, the general populace is becoming more and more aware of what it is that they could lose in the process of logging onto a social media profile. One’s browser history, location data, and other such private, personal information is siphoned off by the likes of Facebook and WhatsApp with absolutely no regard for including the userbase into the loop over such matters. As a matter of fact, these platforms have done the exact opposite as they attempt to ensure that they have such a grip over the Meta userbase.

Let’s take an example of Facebook, for example, which has been at the forefront of multiple Congressional hearings. Back in 2020, Apple introduced to its users a new feature for the iOS 14 named Tracking/Transparency. The purpose was to provide Apple consumers with more agency in deciding how their data would be used, if at all. This is something that Facebook took issue with since, well, they profit off of such personal data. There was a long campaign of the social network fighting against Apple’s regulations before it ultimately gave in because, well, no one thought that Facebook’s pitch about giving up personal data for free without consent factoring in was a particularly strong pitch.

Now, let’s talk about the class-action that we have on our hands, all the way from the United Kingdom. The lawsuit, representing over forty million Facebook users, was filed by Dr. Liza Lovdalh Gormsen, and is being funded by the Innsworth law firm. The suit’s basic premise is that despite users not paying to use Facebook, they are robbed of personal security and privacy with little to no leeway provided as an option. Dr. Gormsen also states that Facebook uses its position as a social media powerhouse to exploit users, since many of them find it difficult to connect with friends and family across other platforms.

The suit is currently seeking USD $3.1 billion in damages, and both the social network and Meta have yet to respond.

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