Bill Gates Shares His Thoughts On How And When The Covid Pandemic Will Be Over

When a deadly virus variant goes off, the chances of COVID19 patient cases are lower, as per the founder of Microsoft Corporation (the world’s biggest software company).

As per a report, new waves of the deadly virus come again, and many people are affected. The reason behind making it more deadly is its new variant named “Omicron,” which was firstly reported in November 2021 by WHO (World Health Organization). The latest variant attacks the upper respiratory path of the human body in very little time, which may cause pneumonia. It’s been two years now, and the public seems curious to know when they will get over the pandemic or whether it will come along with them in the future. Many experts don’t believe that it will go away soon. And they said it might be possible that it will not be as deadly in the coming time as it is in the present. Similar ideas about the pandemic future are taken from the recent conversation of Microsoft founder and a public health professor, Sridhar, on Twitter. Bill Gates said that many countries face the Omicron wave, affecting unvaccinated people mostly. So, we can get the idea that when this particular virus variant passes, COVID19 is nothing but like the seasonal flu, and lesser cases will be seen soon.

The latest variant spreads more easily than the previous one, SARS-CoV-2. It seems that Omicron became the dominant one in the whole world in the previous month. The effect caused by the variant is not known. That's why some people think it spreads less deadly diseases, not only Bill Gates.

The pattern of this virus works the same as others, and similar symptoms have been seen like normal cold and influenza and come out with less harmful results. If it is proven true, then Omicron may be more transmittable. And if the 2019 pandemic comes to an end in such a way, then it’s not more than another respiratory flu.

Also, the makers of vaccines said that in the future, this would also be treated as a common shot of a normal disease for basic protection of the human body. Nobody knows what comes in the future if the coronavirus gets off from the world or not but after two most hectic years the public also hopes for better days to come.
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