Cyber attacks still on rise despite majority of the world currently working from home

With the advancement in technologies especially in the digital world, one thing which is becoming to the entire world a “headache” is “cyber security”. Cyber Attack has become the most common thing now and many big companies are going through with this.

Recently, an IT company Cisco, and the British Chamber of Commerce, conducted a survey with thousands of businessmen from the UK to listen to their viewpoint on Cyber security.

The surveyed companies belong, with 28% from B2C services, 41% from manufacturing, and 31% from B2B services. According to the survey report, one out of every tenth companies have been a victim to the cyber attack. This is an alarming sign for companies all around the world, however, the survey has been conducted in the United Kingdom only.

This is also a fact that despite the result; only one or two from five surveyed companies are taking this issue seriously and implementing the accredited security measure. In these companies there are 34% big firms and 12% small-scale businesses are included.

On the issue of cyber security, BCC chairman, Shevaun Haviland, said that because of huge shifting of remote work and uses of cloud shifting, in 24 hours, almost ten thousand employees work from home. Considering this scenario, the figure is not that surprising.

Moreover, 50% of entrepreneurs agree with this statement of BCC chairmen, 10% strongly agree, 45% agree but they also believe that there can be an alternative. 18% disagree with this and 20% said that they are still not shifted to the “work from home” mode.

As the fifth wave is taking its grip on the world, it seems that people will not be going back to their workplace soon. Head of small business at Cisco UK & Ireland said businessmen should change their mode of work and start focusing on remote work and adopting the new environment.

In today world of corona pandemic, the lines between professional and personal life are getting faded, now because of this change in whole world. Businessmen have to focus more just not only on the offices but their workplace at the kitchen table too.

In the end, precaution is better than treatment, so every company all around the world should have to invest in the safety of their system.

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