Slow Travel, High-Tech Hotels and Bucket-list Adventures: This is What Travel in 2022 Will Look Like

Did you know that some countries remained open to travelers during 2020? Some Caribbean countries remained open throughout the pandemic, and were popular destinations. They remain popular travel destinations despite other borders loosening travel restrictions.

Squaremouth, a travel insurance company, recently reported that their top 3 international destinations in the summer of 2021 were Mexico, Turks and Caicos, and Costa Rica. With more restrictions being lifted, what will travel look like in 2022?

Working From Anywhere

Many employees were sent home to complete tasks from home, but that did not mean they had to be at home. The luxury of work from anywhere (with a wifi connection) was now a reality for more people. Some chose to work from home while others moved in with their family. Even before the pandemic caused a rise in work from anywhere, some YouTube personalities made a living working online and showcased the possibility of work from anywhere. Most of these personalities centered around vanlife, a term used for people living, working, and traveling around in a van, while others lived a life at sea and uploaded content while in port.

Some companies are calling their employees back to the office, and some people have decided to quit if they are made to come back in full time, so the number of freelancers is on the rise, and 36% of Americans earn their living by freelancing. Jobs as a freelancer vary; however, some like freelance writing can be done from anywhere.

Work from anywhere opens the possibility for more travel, but the rise in remote work has also changed how cyber criminals attack their targets, so you should choose a multi-layered security approach and stay up to date with the different tactics hackers use to trick people.

Although freelancing can lead to an increase in income, it is important to set aside funds for quality insurance plans. Many employers offer health insurance plans, but being self-employed means you’ll have to rely on yourself to find a quality plan.

Furthermore, it is crucial to consider a quality life insurance plan in the event that the breadwinner of your household passes away or becomes unable to work due to disability. According to surveys, in Canada only 33% of adults with children report having a life insurance policy in place. In the United States, 54% of all people had some life insurance coverage in 2020.

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Carbon Conscious

Major shutdowns in early 2020 led to reduced travel and temporarily closed workplaces which allowed the world to see a dramatic decrease in carbon emissions. Many places are now loosening or lifting restrictions, and the ability to travel more and the return in-person work has some people concerned over the potential increase in carbon emissions.

Environmental groups, like Greenpeace, are calling for changes in aviation laws and taxation to discourage short flights in Europe and stated that these changes could save up to 23.4 million tons of CO2 per year. Train travel has far less emissions than plane travel, but traveling by train tends to cost more in both expense and time. Recent environmental concerns, tax changes, and travel laws may change how travelers commute in 2022.

Europe and Cultural Immersion

Some destinations become more popular depending on the time of year, like in the fall there are many beautiful places to see the autumn colors. Railways in Europe provide connection to popular destinations while allowing you to enjoy the scenery. Some of the most popular cities include London in the UK, Paris in France, Rome in Italy, Barcelona in Spain, Budapest in Hungary, and Amsterdam in the Netherlands. Regardless of where you decide to visit, these places provide interesting attractions, delicious food, and a broad history to explore.

Your journey will depend on what you want to explore, and there are many reasons why we travel and select destinations. Sometimes it is about getting to eat a different cuisine or viewing remarkable landscapes. Other times, it is about spending time with loved ones or traveling for work. Traveling can provide you the opportunity to learn more about a different culture and experience the world from a different perspective.

Some people have chosen to explore other cultures through cultural immersion. Instead of traveling to a tourist spot, a traveler would live with someone or a family and live how they do. This allows the person to understand what life is like in the place they are visiting. More than a few days would need to be spent to be culturally immersed to appreciate the nuances of a culture other than your own.

Payment Methods

Another way the world is evolving is how people will run transactions. Cash has been an easy and efficient way for payment, but the rise of the internet created the need to take payments online - many of which happened via credit credit cards. Typically, Millennials have 3.2 credit cards, but other means of payment have now popped up like PayPal and Venmo and become prevalent.

The world has also seen an increase in crypto-currency. The COVID-19 pandemic created the need for social distancing and the need to reduce contact. During 2020 in the UK, 31% of all businesses were cashless. Cashless and contactless payments have been on the rise, so you should consider your options for payments when planning your trips.

Hotel Tech

The surge and evolution of the digital world has also called for the travel industry to adapt. This includes housing and lodging businesses. Trends and updates vary from place to place; however, most of it focuses on the customer experience. Many hospitality businesses are updating their software to streamline employee and client experience by making programs intuitive and easy to access schedules, booking, and client check-in and out.

These software updates also pertain to their websites choosing to use chatbots to answer simple questions. Some businesses have also chosen to integrate an app into their network where guests can book, check-in, request services, and even unlock their room. This improves the guest experience while simplifying tasks for employees. For example, instead of having to answer the phone and input a room service order, the order can be directly sent to the kitchen. Some hotels have gone a step further and integrated delivery robots to bring items to guest rooms. These advances have made it so there is less contact and less exposure to COVID-19.

Rooms have also gotten an update. There was a time when rooms only offered a telephone; nevertheless, as time has progressed, technology has woven its way into hotel rooms as well. Most hotels are equipped with wifi access, but now the clients have the ability to customize more aspects of their room. This includes temperature, lighting, various mobile and voice control options. Some places even have TVs built into mirrors.

Social media has become a tool for businesses to relay to their audience what updates they are rolling out and what type of experience customers will have. Social media has even been used as a method for communication to resolve client concerns. Additionally, many social media personalities have popped up showcasing their travel adventures and high-light many attractions to visit. Your favorite personalities and people you relate to can help you plan a trip that suits your needs. Even if you are on a business trip, they can provide insights on interesting places to get a bite to eat.


With restrictions being reduced and places reopening, it is clear that travel is going to increase, but experiences will be different than they were prior to COVID-19. You will still need to understand the rules and regulations surrounding COVID-19, and you should consider additional expenses to use in the event you need to quarantine.

The ability to work from anywhere has expanded how often and where people travel to, and it can mean your trip to the Caribbean can last longer than a week. Lower emissions, more scenery, and a push for cheaper train tickets may mean that train rides will be the way to commute from destination to destination.

Especially if you are looking to enjoy popular places in Europe like sites of the Eiffel Tower, trees blooming in Amsterdam, wine tasting in Italy, and taking delight in the countryside views on your train ride. Furthermore, Hotel tech has made great innovations which provide a customizable and contactless experience with many features at your fingertips, and media influencers allow you to get an idea of what a place might be like before you visit, so you can plan a trip that fits your travel style.
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