Apple Retains Most Valuable Brand Title For Second Consecutive Year, TikTok Named Fastest Grower

Calculating the value of a brand can be a rather difficult task for someone or the other to do, since it is distinctly different from the value of a company itself. For example, a company that earns a lot of revenue might not have a lot of brand recognition or value, and figuring out this value can be a useful way of figuring out the direction in which this brand may be headed in the future.

A good way to estimate brand value is by seeing how much it would be worth if third parties were put in charge of selling the products instead of the brand itself. By that calculation, Apple’s brand alone is worth $355 billion which makes it the most value brand in the world for the second year in a row, according to BrandDirectory analysis. Apple missed out on the top spot for five straight years, but regained it in 2020 amidst a resurgence in their popularity as well as decline in brand value among some of their competitors.

The rest of the list is populated by other Big Five tech companies, namely Microsoft, Google, Amazon and Facebook which is now in seventh place. Samsung is in sixth place, having been knocked one spot lower by Walmart which has seen an increase in its overall brand value. Chinese companies like Huawei and ICBC are in the top ten list as well, and another Chinese company that’s not in the top ten list but has regardless seen a massive increase in its overall brand value is TikTok.

The value of TikTok’s brand has increased by around 215% in 2021, going from $18.7 billion to $55 billion in the span of a single year. That allowed it to get the eighteenth spot, and if this growth rate is more or less maintained it will break into the top ten by next year. TikTok’s rate of growth is more or less unprecedented, and with Facebook seeing its brand value decrease due to various controversies as well as the recent rebranding as Meta, TikTok could quite quickly become the most valuable social media brand in the world.
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