Apple Hits A New Peak Of 1.8 Billion Active Devices Across The World, And Looks Forward To An Optimistic Future

Apple’s holiday quarter earnings revealed some impressive statistics in its midst: the company is now at over 1.8 billion active devices across the world, and is very much on a trajectory to hit 2 billion within this year.

Q1 2022 has barely just begun, with January not even fully over yet, and Apple’s already got a list of milestones to tick off. The tech giant hit new peaks with generated revenue of USD $123.95 billion, and USD $34.6 billion in terms of profit. Talk about unfathomable numbers; it’s hard enough to imagine a billion, let alone thirty-four. Apple’s also continuing to display marked growth: at the start of 2020, the company had 1.4 billion active devices; 2021 had 1.65 billion in tow; finally, 2022 1.8 billion means that the company has consistently grown by a minimum of 0.2 billion devices every year consecutively for at least the past three years. Apple’s CFO Luca Maestri has also very optimistically predicted a record March quarter headed our way, so keep a lookout for the company’s Q2 earnings. These are giant steps, and it makes us wonder what Apple has in store for us in its bright and illustrious future.

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An important aspect of Apple’s future game plan that I’m personally very interested in talking about is its personal AR/VR headset that the company’s been working on. Specifically, what I want to talk about is how Apple has as of yet very adamantly refuted claims that it will even consider going into the same direction that the Metaverse is headed. A recent interview with the company’s CEO Tim Cook offers a more guarded approach than previous statements. Sitting down with Bloomberg, Cook elaborates on how he sees potential in the Metaverse as an idea, even going as far as to state that Apple is investing in certain aspects. The Metaverse, for those unaware, is an idea launched by social media conglomerate Meta which essentially ties in the typical social media experience into an AR/VR guided world.

Apple’s hard at work developing its own headset, with the company confident for a 2022 release date. However, as of yet, even Tim Cook’s statements remain noncommittal to the idea of investing in a similar massively shared universe. Perhaps Apple’s initial investigations into the technology will stick to the safe side and focus on building personalized experiences, before branching out, learning from the Metaverse’s mistakes, and then forging its own path forward.

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