Platforms that reigned supreme in 2021 (infographic)

2021 was an intriguing year for a great number of companies. From platforms such as social media giant Facebook to companies such as Pfizer, a lot names went viral at some point in the ongoing year.

According to the data shared by Visual Capitalist, there are 6 main companies that were a part of headlines in 2021.

The first company that went from hero to zero in a fraction of time is Robinhood. This financial services company became a highlight in a scandal linked to retail traders and short sellers. The stock for American game retailer Gamestop was elevated beyond 400 dollars and trading stopped.

However, the company still holds more than twenty-two million users and most of them are young, with not much experience as an investor. Robin Hood trended at the first page of the financial section. Due to such actions, the stock suffered a fall and ended up at dollar 18 level.

The ongoing Covid-19 pandemic and the urgent need of vaccines made Pfizer a hero for everyone. Vaccines manufactured by this pharmaceutical company are considered to be the most effective against the virus, and are now preferred by everyone globally. Well stabled states saw this as an opportunity and organized mass vaccination camps. Pfizer is now generating almost thirty-six billion dollars through the vaccines.

After seeing how Pfizer is making revenue of this level, other pharmaceutical industries especially the compatible ones such as Moderna and Astrazeneca are expected to have a competitive impact as the Omicron variant is also at the rise. While Pfizer has announced that they’ll soon introduce an antiviral tablet to combat Covid-19, as well as more potent vaccines and booster shots.

The future of currency, Cryptocurrency, is gaining attention globally. The ongoing year also witnessed a rise in the trend as the rates of Cryptocurrency reached new levels. Linked with this trend, CoinBase, a Cryptocurrency exchange platform had a great year. This is because of the all time high level of rates. The sliding of a company's share price and its entrance in the public sector is a great achievement and could invite other companies towards this.

Tesla’s Chief Executive Officer and the most controversial entrepreneur, Elon Musk gets in the spotlight very frequently. Due to his irresistible personality, Elon holds a great influence on his followers. One statement from him can either crash or build Tesla’s stock drastically.
Despite facing criticism, the company had a great time last year which continued till 2021. From the company's valuation at six hundred and thirty billion dollars in 2020 to one trillion dollars in 2021, Tesla successfully got itself in the list of most valuable platforms. On the occasion of settling taxes, Elon Musk held a poll on his twitter and asked if he should sell the stock to settle taxes, after the majority agreed with the act, Musk sold off the stocks.

Among applications, TikTok achieved its one billion users milestone in just five years whereas the social media giant Facebook took eight years to reach this level. Despite getting banned in some countries, the short video platform kept gaining users globally. Other applications such as Snapchat and Instagram rolled out similar short video features to compete with TikTok, but these features are now being used by TikTok users to nurture their TikTok accounts.

Lastly, the biggest overnight viral news came from media giant Facebook itself which announced that the company is changing its name to Meta. Facebook was criticized for the Capitol Riots at the start of 2021. The company was questioned for not taking enough measures to prevent the platform from being used to promote violence and hate speech. To separate itself from these controversies and to make the ground for a new era of social media, the metaverse was introduced by the company.

Though these 6 companies had the greatest impact in 2021, there are some other platforms as well that cannot be neglected. One of them is the famous internet discussion forum, Reddit. Reddit is famous for providing a platform where most of the trending topics are discussed and voted on. The Robinhood controversy also started from this platform. The application also gained a lot of new users with its worth boosting up.

Another Cryptocurrency platform, OpenSea also got recognized with the rise of Cryptocurrency trading. During the other half of the ongoing year the platform successfully managed to make ninety-five percent of the trading volume for NFT.

A global lockdown and a pandemic became a treat for Netflix. By the end of the year, Netflix’s Squid Game became a hit and went viral. The most searched online series was followed by Red Notice, as the most searched movie. Lastly, Elon Musk’s other company, SpaceX, also trended as they successfully managed to launch more than 30 rockets at a cheaper level.

The Companies that Defined 2021 - infographic

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