2022’s First Creator Insider Video Reveals A New Audience Analytical Tool, Along With A Survey That The YouTube Community Can Fill Out

A new Creator Insider video has been uploaded, marking the first one for the new year and revealing what the community has to look forward to for 2022.

This Creator Insider video isn’t just special because it’s the first one in the new year. It’s also special by virtue of being the rarity that only features a single new addition to the YouTube interface being discussed. I love Creator Insider videos, and the channel’s clear and concise manner of delivering information is honestly something I really love about it, but there’s rarely ever a video where features aren’t being tackled three at a time or more. Which, again, isn’t a bad thing since the YouTube Devs do it in such a conversational manner. However, there’s one more unique part about this new Creator Insider video: it ends off by asking the YouTube community for participation and feedback. Oh my, daring today, aren’t we? At any rate, let’s look at the feature and what it is that YouTube Devs are asking of us.

The feature itself is something that Creator Insider videos love talking about: another measurement metric added to the YouTube interface. YouTube is a platform that was more or less built and sustained by its massive creator base of YouTubers and other internet celebrities coming aboard. Naturally, such individuals want to keep hard at work developing and growing their audience, which leads to YouTube supplementing such requests with any number of additions to metrics and sponsor programs. This new metric that we’ll be discussing is the ability to understand performance trends by highlighting similar videos. This new feature is available in the audience advanced analytics tab, which one can recognize from its scatter graph appearance. Clicking on any one of the graph points will lead to a new option showing up called “show videos with similar topics”, demarcated by a magic wand symbol. Clicking on this will lead to other similar videos showing up, which can then be used for comparison and contrasting.

The second part of the Creator Insider video involves devs checking in with the YouTube community by asking them to participate in a survey. The form essentially asks users to give feedback to Creator Insider as a channel, specifying what it’s doing well, what it’s doing poorly, and any and all avenues of improvement. The overall intent is ensuring that the channel continues to be helpful and relevant to the community moving forwards. The form’s also linked in the video’s description, if readers would like to go ahead and participate.

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