YouTube is now bringing some advancement to its already existing ‘Shorts’ feature

Back in September 2020, YouTube first started the beta version of YouTube shorts in India. In a blog, YouTube announced that they are constructing a new way to upload a video, YouTube shorts, a new and short-form video experience for those creators who want to shoot short videos using their portable gadgets. Firstly, when they launched shorts, creators could upload just 15-second videos. Now they can upload up to 1 minute. Recently YouTube announced some new great features and particularly growth in shorts funds. In May 2021 YouTube endorsed $100 million to YouTube Shorts creators, for the period of 2021-22. It was only for the US creators initially, but then in September 2021, they gave an extension to 30 more countries and this week, as per Creator Insider, this further extended to 70 more countries. Now creators from all those countries can claim $100 to $10000 each based on their short video popularities.

Although it's not clear yet what the exact guidelines are, YouTube gives bonuses to these short videos. As YouTube said there are no special criteria to qualify for this bonus, it depends on your performance. The amount of the bonus may differ from month to month, mainly based on the location of your viewers and the comprehensive growth of shorts.

YouTube will notify creators, which will qualify for the bonus based on their past month performance.

Moreover, a specific analysis system is added by YouTube studio that contains a new card. These cards will show your most popular shorts and how many of your YouTube shorts have been remixed. The second tool added by YouTube is the "align" tool on Android. Previously this tool was only available on iOS, and is enabled for you to see the previous frame you use to support, the lineup of your shorts,

Lastly, YouTube added TikTok's style grid view of shorts with views counts. It makes it easier to view uploaded shorts for your viewers. creators can choose how their short grid is presented by changing the order of frames.

Currently, YouTube shorts produce 15 billion worldwide views per day. which has doubled now since March (6.5 billion views). It is a great thing for creators, because YouTube has a bigger revenue system for its creators as compared to TikTok.

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