YouTube CreatorInsider Video Reveals New Analytics, A Potential Update To Flagged Comments, And A Major Community Guideline Change

This week, YouTube’s developers have uploaded another CreatorInsider video, discussing new features being tested and plans for the future.

Starting the video off is a new upgrade to restricted comments being tested. Initially, certain comments would be flagged and given over to the creator whose comment section they lurked under for review. The likes of such comments include random gibberish, spam, self-promotion, and comments held to be of a derogatory nature by the platform’s AI. Overall, the flagged comment coverage seems to be pretty well-defined. However, certain creators asked for even more strictness since apparently flagged comments aren’t necessarily covering everything, and inappropriate comments keep slipping through the cracks. Accordingly, the Devs are testing out a new “increased strictness” feature, accessible in a creator’s Community settings. The increased strictness, once activated, will flag even more comments that could be held potentially inappropriate, hate-mongering, or any such negative adjective. Of course, since there is a risk of stifling and censorship that runs with such an endeavor, the feature is currently under testing and only accessible by a small amount of creators on the platform.

YouTube Analytics now has a new card added to its repertoire of creator-assisting tools; this one being named “videos contributing to audience growth”.

The feature has been under testing for quite a while, but will now be rolling out to all creators across the board, indiscriminate of size and scope. Essentially, this new addition to the Analytics metrics allows creators to gauge which of their videos have not only performed the best, but have also led to the most amount of growth for their channel. Accordingly, the list organizes all of a creator’s videos in order of impact, thus allowing them to gauge which topics and forms of content have led to the most impact. Shorts Analytics have also had a new card added to them, named the “Shorts remix”. Essentially, this allows users to see how many times their Shorts were remixed and furthermore how well those remixes performed. With Shorts being a rather lucrative new avenue for YouTube, it’s allowing for more analytical metrics is a smart move that allows creators to perform better.

Finally, the CreatorInsider video elaborates on a new addition to the Community Guidelines, which refer to contents of advertisements containing artificial penises or breasts. Previously, any and all such content (be it a YouTube ad, or the subject of a creator’s sponsorship) would be flagged by YouTube under the presentation of suggestive material. However, YouTube now wishes to express solidarity with individuals identifying as non-binary and/or trans, along with women who require breast implants due to previous underlying conditions. Quite nice of the YouTube community to think about all of these communities now and not, say, a few years ago.

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