Products which claim to protect you from harmful radiations do more harm than good

Radiations have long been known to be harmful for the human body and researchers have always asked people to avoid such places and things which are harmful. With the emission of radiations vastly increasing because of many products and the changing climate, there are products being launched which claim to protect against it.

There are certain products which claim to be protecting against harmful radiations, however, in reality they do more harm than good. According to researchers in Netherlands, and the National Institute for Public Health and the Environment, there are almost tens of products which have been found working on this similar criterion.

One of the products among this is a pendant which protects claims to protect you from the harmful radiations of 5G, however, it actually doesn’t. This report was notified by the Authority for Nuclear Safety and Radiation Protection. While researchers claim, that these products emit very small amount of radiations, and you may think what impact could such small radiations cause? This is not the case.

The emissions can cause pretty harmful effect. How so? Well, if you wear or use the product for a longer period of time, the radiations can exceed the normal range for which the human body can control it, which ultimately cause may skin problems.

You must be wondering now, that how does the radiation cause impact to the human body. Well, the radiations detach your electrons from the atoms by destabilizing them. This in return causes cells of the body to damage, and other diseases like cancer.

While these products are now proven harmful, they have been selling for a long time now. Many merchants falsely claim the low level radiations to be great for human health saying that it strengthens your immune system. However, all this is wrong and the Authorities in Netherlands are urging people not to buy or use all the ten products because of its harmful effects.

People should be aware of these products and its use should be banned. The creators are falsely trying to lure people into buying it trying to persuade them that it will protect them from radiations that have severely increased in the world, however, wearing these products aren’t safe for you and people should learn this.

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