YouTube celebrated one Trillion views of Minecraft, the most popular community of all time

The million and billion video views on YouTube are familiar to us, especially at this time where the number of social media users is increasing rapidly. But the figure crossing the 'trillion' is a remarkable achievement in this era.

Minecraft, a 3D game that never gets boring, has already hit this level this week. It is the big day for all the creators who played their part well to reach this milestone. The Mojang studio revealed some facts about their growth throughout this journey, which make us realize that this achievement should not come as a surprise to anyone. Its popularity is getting doubled year by year. By that we mean, it took eight years to reach nearly 500 billion views but in no time, which is less than 3 years it has a trillion viewers who have explored this sandbox game. What can be the reason for this quick growth? Maybe the ‘pandemic effect’ where people were stuck at home has chosen it for their entertainment.

According to the latest report, their frequently-watched video has about 200 billion views. Well kudos to the 35000 creators working from across 150 countries, and everyone who is playing, experimenting, and streaming Minecraft.

Let's put this historic event into different perspectives. If every view of those trillions were a second long, it can add to 30000 or more years.

If you are an adult like us who enjoyed every bit of Minecraft as a kid by creating new characters, stories, and building blocks, can proudly say that you are still fascinated with all their animated videos along with the song parodies, unlike the dull animations. Even YouTube declares that animation is the most popular among its all trends.

Let’s discuss how YouTube has celebrated this one trillion landmark and counting more. The platform has tribute the video to all Minecraft lovers containing all the nostalgic memories. It all started with the one video and how it progressed more over time. It is crazy how long and well Minecraft has lasted. We have seen that most content creators have failed to maintain consistency in their content due to certain reasons. The platform which was developed by a small team in 2009 has now been a tremendous trendsetter. We are sure now that the number would double in the upcoming years.

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