Snapchat issues its ‘lenses of the year’ report highlighting all its top trending filters of 2021

Snapchat has been introducing some great features and updates as of recent. The company has come a long way since its launch and is more than just some pretty filters now. However, that particular filter concept that Snapchat was based on is what intrigues users towards its still. Hence, the company recently launched its “Snap’s Lens on 2021report.

The report highlights the lenses that have been the most used and trending throughout the year. If you are an active Snap user then you must be aware of some of these features definitely.

Snaps’ lenses are widely used with almost 6 billion plays each day. They are a perfect depiction of how far we have come, in terms of technology and AR and how much still we can move forward with it. The company’s recent collaboration is an example of how it has managed to incorporate its AR technology into the trending highlights of the year.

To start off, the perfect incorporation of trends and filters were seen when the filters for ‘Squid Game,’ ‘Little Bernie’ and 3D cartoon faces were launched. While two of these are mostly on the marketing side, it still shows how AR is changing the world of technology.

Apart from this, other lenses like smile lenses, the fire glasses lenses, and Photo Crop lenses saw some high demands.

Moreover, the company has been working tremendously on the side of music and audio simultaneously. It launched music inspired lenses in its application which had audio facilities as well. The company for long has been working on audio facilities and trying to bring itself in line with TikTok which has been leading the market since its launch.

J Balvin, Olivia Rodrigo, the Notorious B.I.G. were some of the leading names on the list for the music lenses.

Along with this, its clothes try on feature to make online shopping easier has also been introduced. This particular feature lets you choose a cloth from a particular brand and lets you try it on through a visual image before deciding on the purchase.

The company has come a long way in terms of features and general improvement overall. While Snapchat lost its charm in the midst of other social media apps gaining fame, the tech giant is gradually coming back on track. It definitely has come a long way and has more in store for its users.

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