YouTube all set to launch three new features which will allow creator of the channel some more access and a places mentioned feature within the description box

YouTube is one of the leading video streaming and watching platform in the world. While the video hosting firm has gone through some ups and downs in the past, it still hasn’t stopped it from taking continuous steps towards making itself better with the amazing features it updates or brings about.

This time too, the tech firm through its Creator Insider channel on YouTube itself, updated the world about the new updates and features that it has launched or will be launching soon.

To start off, the tech firm is launching a Permission Support for Live Control Rooms. This particular feature will be giving selected managers to get access to the Live Support on YouTube Studio. We all know that YouTube allows the channel owners to give permission to some other users into the granular data of their channel in the YouTube Studio. This means that those selected users have access to some limited resources and options about the channel which they have been granted access to.

With this new update, the access has been expanded and the selected permission holders will be able schedule and start live videos which will freely be accessible to the general public.

Apart from this, the tech giant is giving users the ability to edit Auto Chapters through this update. With time, users will be able to enable the edit Auto Chapters, and edit the Auto Chapters directly in the description within the videos detail page. This new update will make using Auto Chapters easier and give your audience a better viewing experience.

Lastly, a places mentioned feature will be making its way in the video description box. This new feature will allow creators of the video to insert the names of the places mention in the video. Prior to this feature, creators had to use a separate Text Map option, however, that will not be of any need now.

This new update will be available in the iOS App and in the Android App for foods and drinks videos.

These features will be making their way soon and we are sure many creators and sub ordinates of the channels will be able to benefit off from it well. YouTube for the longest time has always brought about some great features and we are sure these three updates and all those coming in the future will be as amazing as all the previous ones that came.

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