YouTube's famous Chapters feature is making its way on smart Television and game console

After receiving frequent updates, YouTube has now reached a point where no big addition in the features can be expected for some time, however the app developers have decided to upgrade the previously released features.

In a recent tweet, YouTube announced that the Chapters feature will soon be available on other devices as well, including Smart Television and Gaming consoles. This time stamped feature was announced last year in May and received a great response from the users as now they were able to skip to the relevant portion of any video instead of going forward with the whole video or skipping it with short intervals to reach the desired segment . The feature becomes an actual time savior when it comes to watching long videos, previously skipping through the video to find the relevant segment used to take away most of the time but now, the user can easily go past through irrelevant portions by skipping them and directly reaching the required part.

The feature didn’t made its debut on all devices globally, instead it went through a great deal of testing phase. After finishing the trial period, Chapters was officially released globally. Those videos that were not made on the pattern to be followed by Chapters, were getting auto generated time stamped chapters through automated system. Later, sharing of a particular segment of any video was also made possible for the Android users.

The main issue faced at this stage is that whether the update is compatible with the mobile phone or not, and now with the feature getting available on more devices, the list of compatible devices is yet to be disclosed by the developers however, it can be expected that users with devices such as Nintendo, Xbox or PlayStation consoles that have YouTube application, will be compatible and will run the feature perfectly.

It can be expected that YouTube may not be working on any new feature for a while and the way the developers took an old feature and upgraded it, it can be possible that same thing might be repeated with another feature as well.

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