Google Chrome highlights its list of favorite extensions in 2021

Google has issued a list of best Chrome browser extensions for 2021 that it claims will help people in better browsing, get things done, and have fun while doing so. There are over dozen Chrome extensions, which are grouped into different categories based on the capabilities they provide. These Chrome add-ons are designed to help you get more done with Chrome by improving productivity and personalizing your experience. 'Communicate and cooperate,' 'Stay productive,' 'Learn online,' and 'Make some coin' are the four categories of Google's favorite Chrome extensions for 2021. All of these categories feature extensions for Chrome that are meant to 'make browsing easier'. But before you download any of the Chrome extension we'd suggest users to be wary of how these browser extensions/addons work in perspective of digital security and privacy, as downloading new extensions from unknown developers can lead to data theft and account hacks.

So back to the topic, Loom is one of Google's best Chrome extensions for the year 2021. It allows you to make recordings of your screen, voice, and face that you can share with new workers or clients to assist them understand your job. It aids in reducing the time and effort required to type and explain various jobs.

Mote is the next extension in this category, which allows you to include voice comments and audio material in shared documents, assignments, emails, and forms. You may also use any website or app to generate voice notes and distribute them as a QR code.

Wordtune has also been selected by Google as one of its top selections for 2021. Artificial intelligence (AI) is used in the browser extension to help you produce more relevant emails and documents while avoiding mistakes. Because being productive when working or studying from home is just as vital as having clear communication and virtual collaboration these days, Google has included some solutions for that as well. Forest, which self-motivates users and aims to improve productivity through virtual tree planting and prizes, is one of the top options in this category.

Dark Reader has also been chosen as one of Google's favorite Chrome extensions of the year. By adopting a dark tone to the pages you view in the browser, it helps you safeguard your eyes. Additionally, you may change the brightness, contrast, sepia filter, dark mode, and font settings. It also has an ignore-list feature that allows you to exclude specific sites from going black.

Add-ons that can help with virtual learning are included in Google's top Chrome extensions list. Kami is one of them, and it allows you to build an interactive online learning environment utilizing PDFs, photos, and papers all in one place. Live annotations, video and audio recordings, and drawings allow teachers and students to communicate in real time. You may also import student work from Google Classroom, Canvas, Schoology, and Microsoft Teams, among other learning management systems.

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