Which country has the Best Netflix Catalogue and How Can We Access Them

Back in the days, when you wanted to watch a movie at home, you had to go through a lot before you could actually watch the movie. You either had to go out, rent a movie and come back home, or you had to go from website to website to somehow find a copy of it online. But since the release of Netflix, things have gotten easier for the average man.

Netflix entered the world of television with a bang and made themselves the leader of online streaming movies. How was Netflix able to become a prodigy almost everywhere in the world? Well that credit goes to the minds behind their developers and marketing team and their approach on how to target each region and what ways can they adapt to present their catalog in each region.

Every year many surveys are held to see which region in Netflix has the best catalog. This year, SurfShark studied and analyzed the catalog of many different countries which included US, Canada, France, Japan, South Korea etc. The Netflix programming of 70 different countries were taken into consideration. It used IMDb ratings, Metacritic Scores and how many awards did the title win to determine which had the best one.

It is said that a company should have its best performance in the country where its origin lies. Well that’s not the case here. Many other countries were found to have an average catalogs score of 7.13 which is really good considering their regions and their catalogs. Whereas if we take a look at Canada and US, they have a combined average of 6.95, Which is quite low as compared to what these other regions have.

Meanwhile South Korea has one of the most prestigious catalogs, which consists of 109 Oscar winning films including Parasite which was presented with the award of being the best Oscar films this year and 35 Emmy Winning Shows. Talking about the UK, It has one of the best shows that won an award which is “Breaking Bad”. It has the highest IMDb rating in the world. India also has a pretty balanced library when it comes to movies and shows. It has the highest IMDb audience rating out of the top 10 countries which is 7.12.

According to another survey done by Uswitch, it was concluded that Japan had the best catalogs available for its users and their subscribers can enjoy a whole variety of award winning shows and they also have some pretty amazing movies collection as well. This survey was also done on the same criteria and the results were almost identical.

It was found that the USA has the highest number of titles overall, which was 5,879 movies and shows whereas Canada had the biggest one for movies only. But that doesn’t mean that they had the best catalogs which we guess we’ve already established at this point.

The “Top 10 Countries” that have the best catalogs are Japan, Czech Republic, South Korea, UK, Switzerland, Hungary, Germany, Belgium, India and Canada.

Although the USA has the highest number of titles, it doesn’t mean that it has everything. That’s why you should try and explore every region. You should try to watch shows that are from their catalogs so that you might have an idea of their cultures as well.

There is one way that you can have access to almost every region and that is if you download a VPN and just select the region that you want to have access to so that you can enjoy and watch the shows and movies which are not available in your region.

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