MKBHD yearly smartphone awards completely owned by phones from Apple and Samsung

The year 2022 is just a few days away from all of us, and like every year, December is the award time in almost every industry, like film and drama award, education award, Nobel award, civilization award, military awards, and the list goes on. Talking about year-end awards, how can one forget the smartphone awards more specifically the ‘MKBHD’ award.

Marques Keith Brownlee is 28 years old American YouTuber, professionally known as MKBHD. His channel videos are mainly based on technology and gadgets. He has over 15 million subscribers and has around 1400 videos.

This year MKBHD announced the best phones into nine different categories along with the overall best phone of the year award. Categories included the Best Big smartphone, Best small smartphone, Best camera phone, Best battery, design award, the value award, Bust of the year, Most improved award, and the phone of the year Award.

Although, we can say it was a battle between Samsung and Apple, 7 out of 9 categories were won either by Apple or Samsung except for the value award and bust of the year award.

The big smartphone award goes to a Samsung Galaxy Z fold 3, its 7.4 inches’ internal display which is almost one-inch-long in comparison to Apple's largest device the iPhone 13 pro max which has 6.68 inches display.

The second award for the best small smartphone award here is that Apple won this category. with its iPhone 13 mini which has a 5.4-inch display. Now it's time to take pictures. Yup, for the best camera phone award, MKBHD gave an award in this category to iPhone13 pro.

The fourth award category is the best battery. Again it is time for celebration for the" iphone13 Pro max".

Next up was people’s favorite design award, since good phone designs intrigues a whole lot of people, this was a much awaited category, which was taken away by the "Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra".

The sixth award category is the Best Value award of the year and the MKBHD VALUE award winner is Google pixel 6.

Bust of the year award goes to not Apple nor Samsung, it goes to "Microsoft Surface Duo 2".

The most improved category award went to Apple iPhone 13 pro over iPhone 12 last terms of promotion display, the Pro Res display, photographic style, and many more. MKBHD awarded Samsung too in this category, for S21 over S20, in terms of camera improvement.

Last but not the least, it's time for the much-awaited award "Phone of the year" as we have seen the battle between Apple and Samsung in most categories. who will be the winner in the most important category. This time Samsung won the battle and took the crown for its "Samsung S21 ultra".

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