Apple led in 5G smartphone shipments, as well as HomePod mini sales in the third quarter

As 2021 is coming to an end, Strategy Analytic, a firm that gives insight on the yearly progress of different companies and products, has recently released two reports that give details on how the tech giant Apple kept holding its top position in two different categories.

According to the report, Apple’s 5G devices, mainly the iPhone and the smart speaker product, namely the "Homepod Mini," became the leading devices with the most shipments and shares in the market during the third quarter of the ongoing year.

While giving details on the HomePod Mini, the report stated that Apple was able to successfully sell almost 4 million units of this product during the third quarter of the year 2021. With four million sales, the company now controls nearly 5% of the smart speaker market. Last year, in the same quarter, Apple only managed to sell almost 2 million worth of products. And now, the HomePod Mini leads to a nearly 92 percent increase in year over year comparison.

The second report was based on 5G devices being shipped during the third quarter of 2021. According to this report, Apple was at the top of the table, followed by Xiaomi in the second position and Samsung in the third. These three companies had the biggest market share in this quarter.

However, in terms of shipment growth, Honor, showed the biggest shipment growth during this time period and led the table. Samsung also got itself back on the positive side of the table. The latest 5G products from Samsung, including the S21 Ultra, the Galaxy Z flip 3 variant, and their new A series with 5G support, were able to make Samsung the 2nd most demanded brand globally during the 3rd quarter.

Insight on the 4th quarter is yet to arrive and will decide which brand or product will be at the top of the table for having the largest growth and having the largest share of the global market. But it can be expected that the companies will have close competition for their positions.
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