WhatsApp's new feature might just save people a lot of time

For the past 13 years, WhatsApp has been playing an important role in connecting people around the world. Be it in the US, UK or in the suburbs of Asia, everyone is familiar with what WhatsApp is and what it does.

WhatsApp is trying to improve its interface and features as many other apps like IMO are competing for a place in the communications market. So for WhatsApp to maintain its lead in the market, they should try to come up with new and exciting features that would make the users go crazy.

We already know that WhatsApp is working on a new feature that would allow the user to send media as status updates. This means that while you’re sharing your pictures or videos with someone, you will now have an option where you can set it as your status and you can even select the recipients as who can receive that picture, just like how it’s done on Instagram.

But that’s not it, there is news circulating that WhatsApp is working on a new feature that would potentially turn out to be a real game changer if everything goes as planned, as first reported by WABI.

A few months ago, WhatsApp introduced a thing called a business directory. For those of us who don’t know what a business directory is, it is a quick way to find new business accounts on the app without having to leave it.

Now we hear that there’s another feature under production that would make things easier, i.e., people would soon be able to search for businesses that are near them. They’ve developed a new interface that would help you to search and filter any new business that is nearby.

How does it work? Well a new section has been introduced which is called “Businesses Nearby” so when you enter that category, you can filter out the results by what kind of business you are looking for. You can also view their business profile by clicking on the chat option and then clicking on their name.

Right now, the only people that would be able to use the feature after its release would be the people of Sao Paolo because they are already using the ‘Business Directory” feature.

If you take a look for this feature in the app now, you might see that it is “Not Available for you”, but don’t worry because it isn’t available for most of the users which means that it is close to being released.

As of today, there is no promised date as to when the feature would be made available to the beta testers but it might happen in the next few updates.

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