Digital trends to look out for in 2022

Just like Pokémon, the world is evolving and getting advanced day by day. The growth in technology, the introduction of new concepts in it is making life really easy for people. Nowadays, everything relies on technology and the internet. Whether you’re surfing the internet, or talking to a friend who lives 1000 miles from your home, technology is playing its part in it and well in the coming years we’ll see many new things that the human brain hasn’t thought of yet.

Since Covid had impacted the world and its processes in 2019, people really started to rely on the internet even for small things like getting groceries, getting education, everything was done virtually and not physically. And with the uncertainty of when our lives will be free from covid, everything seems to be shifting towards technology.

Gone are the days when brands won their victories through television advertisements, now it is all going to be about who gets the most views on TikTok, Facebook, Instagram or even eSports. People would be keeping an eye on what things have the most prospects in 2022 as consumers are already calling it a “Digital year”.

Flashback to 2010 when no one would’ve thought that there could be a place where people would meet, connect and interact with each other all that being virtually. Seems impossible right?

Fast forward to 2020, when the pandemic started to hit all of the parts of the world, things started to change, people started to use and explore the internet for options where they can interact with each other without having to leave their homes.

So without any further wait, let's jump right into what things we should be looking out for in 2022.

1. Voice Search:

Voice search was seen to be one of the most growing methods of searching things on the internet with almost every app having a “Voice Search” feature in it. There was a record increase in sales of about 150 million units. We think that in the next few years, voice search is going to get bigger and better.

Almost 71% of the users prefer voice search instead of typing and well it is predicted that this industry might reach to about $40 billion by 2024. Seems a lot right? But there is room for improvement as well because there are some factors that limit the accuracy of the application with even Google having an accuracy rate of 95%. Brands that would want to win the race of having the best optimized websites and applications, would focus on this and will try to gain people's attention by improving their search ranking.

2. eSports:

eSports is arguably one of the fastest growing platforms for gamers, where it is now transforming into a multi-billion dollar industry. It is predicted that there would be around 474 million active users by the end of 2021 and with revenues falling around $1.1 billion. It is still in its initial phase, well when an industry in its initial phase has become a multi-billion dollar industry, one can only imagine what it would be like when it is at its peak. With the pandemic and all things going on, 2022 could be the year when eSports achieves greater heights.

3. Digital Payment:

The most reliable payment method pre-pandemic was obviously the in-person interaction where people would meet, exchange goods for money and then went their separate ways. But since covid, we’ve seen a record increase in transactions and payments made via online payment apps such as PayPal which recorded a 31% growth in it. Just like PayPal, Venmo and Zelle, 2 other payment apps also reached greater heights. Even though the spread rate of covid has gone down and with vaccines available, people are opting for online payment methods instead of the traditional hand to hand transaction.

4. Short Videos:

According to a few surveys, we’ve come to a conclusion that TikTok has been the most downloaded app in 2021 with almost 586 million downloads. It is seen that the GenZ are favoring these short reels and well with TikTok being the leader in this market right now, Instagram Reels aren’t really behind them. These reels receive a 22% extra engagement than a normal video. In 2020, YouTube also released their platform YouTube Shorts, where you can watch and post Short videos. So brands that capitalize on this trend would for sure win in 2022.

5. Influencer Marketing:

This concept of influencer marketing has picked up pace and many people are earning a hefty amount of money by working as a niche influencer. People with high social media followers promote products and get paid for it. It has been one of the most effective methods of marketing that we’ve seen last year and now we think that it is going to have a greater impact on things in 2022.

As this pandemic is not going anywhere, it is the people who have to adapt to the changes that are constantly happening around them because if we don’t keep up with the trends right now, we might end up regretting it later.

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