Old but effective, phishing remains the biggest cyber security concern for companies

As the digital world is constantly evolving, things are getting advanced. We have technology involved in almost every aspect of our lives, be it in sports or even in our daily life activities, technology has its influence in almost everything.

But with technology there is sometimes a risk of being scammed. Scammed? What do you mean? Well you somehow might get your personal information compromised and thus that compromised information can be used by any person who gets their hands on it. Within minutes someone can wipe out your entire bank account, or even damage your social media reputation if they somehow get a hold of your personal information.

There are many ways someone can breach our security system and gain access to our social media accounts or even bank accounts. A few of them are Malware attacks, Denial of Service Attacks, Password attacks, cross site scripting. But there is one attack that has proved itself to be quite successful and that is the “Phishing Attack”.

There are many people like us who haven’t even heard about any one of these attacks, let's tell them what phishing is and how it works. Well, phishing is just like you receiving an email or a message from a reliable source asking you to fill your login credentials on their website which in fact is actually a dummy website, which takes in your information and gives the attacker access to whichever information you entered onto that link.

Phishing has caused big companies all sorts of trouble. While they are constantly trying to maintain their security protocols and are trying their best to avoid any kind of breach or even a leak from their side, it’s the users who are at fault here. It is because of these users who have no awareness about these kinds of attacks who are drawn into them, and when they get scammed they start blaming the company but in reality it’s the user who should be accountable for their actions.

A survey shows that about 53% organizations have been a victim of phishing attacks, this number has gone up from last year’s 51% which is a nightmare for them. Problems that were reported by them included 23% of network disruptions, 17% faced major financial losses and 15% reported fraud.

It should be every business motive to try and educate their users about these kinds of attacks so that in the future they don’t become a victim of Phishing or any other kind of attack. So that instead of being a liability to the company, the user becomes its assets in the long run.

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