WhatsApp Is Adding The Sticker Store To The Web Interface, Allowing Users To Purchase New Packs To Better Express Themselves In Chat

WhatsApp has recently introduced the Sticker Store to its Web interface, allowing users to stock up on a variety of different reactions and images to supplement their conversations with, reports WABI.

WhatsApp has recently been taking time out of its busy schedule to update the Web interface that is currently gaining a lot of popularity points with the general community and populace. And why wouldn’t it? WhatsApp Web is honestly one of the most useful parts of the app as a whole. Since so much of our work-based life, along with our casual life, revolves around this free messaging social media platform, it’s accessible presence has become integral to daily life. Office workers and other individuals in general that are used to working long hours with desktops or laptops need the Web platform in order to easily switch between messages and their other tasks, without having to get distracted by everything else that a phone offers. WhatsApp Web may not be a crazy original concept, since almost all other mobile based platforms such as Instagram and Snapchat do have desktop functionality, but it does have a more solid reason for existing than almost any other web-based social media platform out there (except for maybe Facebook).

A recent addition to the Web interface had been the integration of custom stickers to the chat. As almost anyone who uses WhatsApp knows, Stickers bring a lot of depth and flavor to a conversation. Sure, they don’t make you ponder questions about the meaning of life and whatnot, but they do act as quick, succinct reactions that the likes of GIFs don’t always cover as well. Best of all, custom Stickers can be made out of virtually any image available. These can be used as inside jokes and the like, with funny photos of your friends and loved ones serving as the subject of said Sticker. They bring a fun dynamic to the table, is all. Now, WhatsApp’s choosing to further supplement Stickers on Web by adding in a new set of packs that can be purchased.

Here’s the thing. Some of the packs are genuinely good looking, and could be very fun to use. But this is ultimately a move that’s driven by a profit margin that WhatsApp’s looking to exploit from the success of Stickers. Thing is, with custom Stickers being available, the purchasable ones are quite literally worthless, since anyone with a little bit of free time and Google Search on their hands can essentially recreate them, but better.

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