Humanoid robot is able to mimic facial expressions in a realistic manner

Artificial Intelligence is getting more advanced with every single day. A recent video, uploaded by the United Kingdom based Engineered Art designer, shows one of their latest creation, Ameca. This humanoid robot creation is both creepy and yet an amazing piece of art. As programmed by the developers, Ameca can easily mimic facial expressions that are far too real.

At the beginning of the posted video, Ameca can be seen expressing irritation and confusion as the eyes of the robot opens, later on it expresses amazement as it starts to see the hands. As the video comes to an end, Ameca gives a smiles while waving back its hand as a hosting gesture for the viewers.

Unfortunately, the robot is not able to move forward on its own or do a flip hence it can be expected that walking Amecais not coming soon. As told by the creators, they are planning to give Ameca a walking feature as well. While explaining about the Artificial Intelligence behind the humanoid robot, Engineered Art told that the ability reside with the creators.

In another video being released by the same Engineered Art, Mesmer can be seen. This robot may even surpass the reality felt while looking at Ameca. In the creation of Mesmer, three dimensional scanners were used that gave the robot the features of an actual person. From the skeletal work to the skin material used, everything seems so real with this. The video was released after Ameca took everyone’s attention. Mesmer is able to give more realistic expressions and due to the material used for skin, which gives it a more realistic appearance, the robot can easily give chills to the viewers.

Unlike other robots that are used to help out workers in performing different tasks, these two robots are kept as a piece of art and will be displayed at different places where they will most likely become the main highlight of the event. Ameca will be on public display at the Consumer Electronic Show , starting from 5th January 2022.

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