The new Transparency Center of TikTok highlights the details of content removal

On 2nd December 2021, TikTok released its recent transparency report based on the removal of certain content. This report includes the detail of all the videos against which actions were taken during the first half of the ongoing year. Reasons for taking down content included going against community guidelines or in some cases legal reasons.

Meanwhile, TikTok also rolled out its new Transparency Center. This Center will be the hub of all the reports being processed by the platform. This action will make it user accessible to have previous trends under one roof. The main advantage of having these reports at one spot will be that users can easily compare previous reports with the new one to observe the changes that have taken place over a time period.

The report for the second quadrant of the year showed that most of the videos that were taken down by the application were from the United States, the same event was followed in the recent report as well. According to the list of countries from where most of the removed content belongs to had US at the first position followed by Pakistan and then Brazil. These three countries were also present at the same position in the previously released reports.

The report further included that the reasons why action was taken against such content included the protection of minority as the first priority which was accompanied by provocative activities and immoral activities. The detection system of the application has played a major role to prevent users from seeing such content. TikTok is also focusing on unverified or fake accounts which are increasing day by day. According to a statement in the report the app was able to stop a large number of fake user profiles.

On the other hand, Russian Government has submitted almost 2000 content removal or imposing ban on some political content. The app also faced a fine for not being able to take down content based on public protests. The Transparency center also sheds light on governments and law enforcement agencies' requests for users information and content removal.

The new update is a way through which TikTok has shown how it takes actions against sensitive content. Though some content can still pass through the barrier but for now it can be concluded that the application will keep bringing in updates to highlight its transparency.

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