TikTok’s latest application is ready to compete with big eCommerce giants in China

ByteDance, the parent company of the famous short video platform, TikTok, has released another application in China. This new application is somewhat identical to Fanno, an app that was released recently in Europe and gained the attention of young users, as the idea behind Fanno was to use it as a platform for influencers to share new fashion and makeup trends with their audience.

The latest application has been named "Douyin Box," and can be referred to as an e-commerce stage that highlights modern trends. The app is operated by the Chinese variant of TikTok, Douyin. TikTok is getting more popular day by day, and in a short period of time, the app has successfully managed to get over six hundred million active users per day.

Douyin Box has been created to heat up the competition with the famous e-commerce company, Alibaba Group. Since Douyin will be operating the Douyin Box, the users of the application can login through their accounts or via cell phone numbers as well. Once the account has been logged in, a short video clip will be shown. Users can give their reactions by commenting, sharing, or liking the content, and from there, they can go through other videos by scrolling.

The app is identical to TikTok and even has the same display as well. However, on Douyin Box, users can open another window tab as well to check on their orders. The content that is featured on this platform is extracted from the controlling application, but the main focus of these videos is on fashion design, applying cosmetics, or getting ready for events. Similarly, the items that are being sold through the platform are also linked with such content.

Douyin has been working on linking content with online shopping and e-commerce for the past 2 years. Initially, they started live streaming to promote products. The live stream would contain all the necessary details for the showcased items. Later, a business operation was created to further study this project.

After a number of unsuccessful attempts, ByteDance is finally giving competition to other platforms. As per the National Bureau of Statistics, the ongoing pandemic situation played a role as well in its success, as online shopping started to trend during this time. As a result, Douyin Box was able to gain the sixth position in Apple’s iOS shopping application section on Friday. According to App Annie, it was a big moment for the application because, on Thursday, it was not even in the top hundred applications.

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