What do you think, Apple AirTags, Blessing or a Curse?

Apple has been bringing more and more products into the tech market. From Iphones to Iwatches, from health gadgets to security gadgets, Apple has its fingers in almost every technical field.

A few months ago, Apple released its latest product that is called “Airtags”, as many of us would wonder what Airtags are and what do they do, it’s a gadget that works on the concept of “Find my Network” that in the case of Iphones would enable the user to find or see the location of their Iphones if they are somehow misplaced.

Airtags work on the similar concept as that we can place them on our wallets, key chains, or any important thing that we feel we can misplace easily. Airtags would allow us to track the location of our item when our phone is connected to the internet or we can check the location of our item within the range of 100 meters via Bluetooth.

One would think that this gadget would be a huge success, which it was for a while but there have been incidents where these Airtags were misused and were taken advantage of. Since the release of the product, there has been an increase in the amount of car thefts which is quite alarming because the thieves find almost the perfect time to steal the cars.

How are they doing that? Well they somehow manage to place a certain Airtag on the car which they are about to target and then track the location of the car until it reaches a safe and secure location where they can easily steal the car and not get caught.

According to a post on Twitter, an incident was reported where a girl named Jeana faced a really horrible situation. She was driving back to home at night and there were no cars nearby. Suddenly she got a notification on her phone which said that there was an unknown AirTag nearby for 30 minutes straight which made her wonder what was happening. She decided not to go to her house as she thought that it would reveal her house’s location to the stalker. She contacted her friend and with her help she managed to remove the Airtag which was on her car’s wheel.

Now how can we avoid such kinds of things? From iOS 14.5 and later, a feature has been enabled where users will automatically be notified when there is an unknown AirTag nearby. This would allow the users to take an action if they somehow come across an unknown Airtag. So look out for any notification about an unknown AirTag, you might just save yourselves from something bad.

It is rightly said that with great power comes great responsibility and well Apple needs to take action as soon as possible because if these privacy issues are not addressed this instance, we would see many other similar incidents and who knows maybe more.

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