TikTok is testing a ‘Repost’ button which will soon make its way globally if approved by the company

TikTok is one the leading social media applications globally. Since its launch, the company has been making quite a name for itself. It has reached the top of the charts in the most used and most downloaded app in no time and has been the most hyped up platform.

However, the tech firm didn't get this recognition overnight and has worked very hard for it. The company isn't taking all this recognition for granted though. It still is working hard day in and out to make sure that it maintains its name.

To make sure it stays on top and the user favorite, TikTok is always introducing some new features and updates every now and then. Recently, it has made quite some advancements in its features and currently it is expected to be testing another new feature.

So what is it?

Well, previously TikTok users didn't have the accessibility to repost videos of other TikTok creators before. However, things are changing now.

As per Matt Navarra and Kev Adriano, the company is testing a repost button, which will allow TikTok users to repost videos. This means that users will be able to repost videos of others creators to their channels that they like. The videos are then expected to be viewed or seen by the followers of the person who reposted the video.

However, while these are the expected basics, we can't say much about the feature. This is because the feature is currently in its testing phase and the company is still deciding whether to make it available for the world or not. A user Elodie Flenniau noted that, currently, reposted content doesn't appear on profile like other originally shared posts, however, Kev Adriano hinted that those reposted clips/videos will be visible to only a reposter's (creator's) followers.

There are some slight chances that this re-posting feature may not make it appearance for the users publicly and the tech giant cancels it off, or may it will. Who knows.

For that we have to wait until TikTok itself announces something.

The company has come a long way since its launch. It has brought about some great features and still has a lot in store for its users, we are sure of this. Can’t wait to see what the social media giant will bring for its users in the near future.

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