TikTok to rank as the third-largest social network of 2022, ahead of Snapchat and Twitter

Who knew that in a short period, TikTok would be counted as one of the top social networking apps. Will this app surge ahead of all other platforms in the next few years? The answer is hidden in the following forecast. As predicted by Insider Intelligence/Emarketer, Facebook will have 2.1 billion monthly active users, followed by 1.28 billion users of Instagram in 2022. Moreover, they labeled the video-sharing app as the third largest social platform that will leave behind Snapchat and Twitter with 755 billion users in the upcoming year. However, in recent years, a growth of 40.8% has been reported. Facebook took nine years to reach this milestone, but Tiktok has achieved the mark amazingly in just five years.

With 3 billion downloads, the short video platform has replaced Facebook and become the most downloaded application. It is ironic that what people were saying about China cracking down on the tech sector by launching TikTok. Over time, the same app has achieved global social media success despite the ban in some of the states. As a result, now the firm fully believes that TikTok will approach a quarter share by 2022.

The other firms are predicting the app to be at the top of the chart by the mid of 2022, but Insider Intelligence has its conservative way of calculation. The firm will count monthly users who try the social app at least once a month. The time spent by the users on the platform is increasing rapidly. Earlier, people were disliking the app as they were unaware of its bright side. But now we can say that people are obsessed with Tiktok. It is not only a video sharing or lip-syncing app. Instead, it is anything that people want it to be, from comedy to memes and stunts. Even high-profile people are taking interest in the platform and it is a fact that celebrities are the key to success for any fledgling app. Besides, it is a cheap source of marketing for entrepreneurs. One can advertise their product through an influencer of a relevant niche. TikTok marketing is the best way to build the brand online and boost sales by using creativity within a minimum budget.

Apart from the above forecast, we are pretty sure that the platform will experience massive growth in the coming years. The reason is the largest advertising audience. The ads by TikTok have now reached roughly 120 million users.

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