WhatsApp tests two great features which will be very useful to its users

WhatsApp is a huge name in the social messaging world. The platform boasts around two billion active users globally.

WhatsApp started its independent journey in November 2009 then Facebook acquired it in February 2014.

Meta-owned company WhatsApp always gives its users new updates whether it's large or minor, in this article we will talk about two new updates which the firm recently launched.

The first one is for WhatsApp business users.

WhatsApp is giving a new shape to their pretty old feature for business account users, although this feature has been available for a while. It was back in 2019 when WhatsApp introduced this quick replying to messages feature to their business account. The feature could be initiated by pressing "/" and sending it to a client.

Now WhatsApp is giving this feature a shortcut, as per WABI. This shortcut is available in the chat share action menu, but the thing is this shortcut is currently available only for some selected users, which is using the latest version of the WhatsApp beta business.

The reason for launching this shortcut is not known yet, but the speculation says this feature was not very common in use so the new shortcut to quick reply messaging to let more users notice and utilize it. However, there is no information about when the regular customers will start to use this shortcut.

Moreover, the giant tech company is planning to land another update to its users. It is an indicator for end-to-end encryption. Although WhatsApp claims your calls and chats are always end-to-end encrypted.

It means your calls and text are permanently kept between you and your contacts and not even WhatsApp and Meta knows about it. However, people were concerned about their safety and now meta management is giving it a visual indicator.

WhatsApp is now designing to introduce two indicators for End-to-end encrypted chat. These two indicators will appear in your chat and status section.

The WhatsApp team is planning to give a similar reminder in the conversation section as well, although this update is under planning. So the user will see this update shortly.

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