TikTok Is Testing The Addition Of A New Live Studio Interface Through Which Creators Can Go Live On The Platform

TikTok is currently testing out a new feature by the name of the TikTok Live Studio, allowing users to check in on their favorite streamers through this new avenue.

Live-streaming has become such an incredibly popular method of online monetization that the act has multiple online sites and platforms dedicated to it. Gaming, to be a bit more specific, is one of those industries that’s particularly benefited from the rise of livestreaming, with many of the same gamers that found massive success on YouTube managing to seamlessly transition to the likes of Twitch. Livestreaming content also brought in a crop of new, fresh faces that didn’t arise from YouTube, instead joining the fray from other websites. This has led to online celebrities and individuals of renown to have a bit more variety and character to them, depending on where it is they originated from.

With TikTok already being a massive source of online celebrities, maybe Devs thought that another way of gaining from their star status is warranted. Livestreaming is also incredibly popular nowadays, which is yet another bonus that can be exploited and gained from. What do we get when we combine these two points together? Well, the new TikTok Live Studio seems to be our answer!
Livestreaming already exists on TikTok, and it should be clarified that the Live Studio is distinct from such previous features, even if they share the same purpose and functionality. The Live Studio is essentially an experimental sub-platform via which a user can choose to go live, with a very (currently) barebones setup and preparation manual. Users can choose Landscape and Portrait streaming, for starters, users can choose from an array of sources (Game Capture, Mobile Capture, Video Capture, Program Capture, etc.). Users can choose from a basic stock of emojis for the purposes of titling their content and whatnot, and finally, Live gifts & comments can be turned on and off according to a user’s wishes. So, while they can choose to leave tipping open and, to use a colloquialism of the current generation, “get that bread”, gifts can also be turned off during more serious and somber videos.

The feature is currently experimental, and there’s always a chance that it will not be implemented outright. As of yet, only a few thousand users have access to Live Studio, as a part of TikTok attempting A/B beta testing.

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