TikTok Has Launched A New App, Providing Users A Dedicated Space To Manage Their Online Sales

TikTok has launched a new app, aimed towards sellers on the platform looking to manage their sales and distribution through a separate, dedicated application.

This new app goes by the name of TikTok Seller, and is a testament to just how much growth both online shopping as a whole, along with online shopping on TikTok are displaying. TikTok’s success is obviously nothing short of extraordinary, and therefore building e-commerce venues off of it makes complete sense. The platform’s been looking into online shopping and setting up retailers since as far back as 2020. The pandemic especially ended up being a formative time for e-commerce social media platforms as a whole, since netizens across the world had to more heavily rely on online venues in order to access needs both basic as well as more personalized. With influencers running amok on the platform, TikTok also felt that allowing retailers to set up shop meant that further growth could be incentivized by allowing users with large followings to do the same. Now, they could sell their own personalized merchandise, brands get to do the same, users get an online shopping experience tied to their favorite short-form video site, and everyone’s happy. Most importantly of all, TikTok continues to grow and expand.
So, what does TikTok Seller offer to its users? Details on the new application are scant, for reasons I’ll delve into a bit later. However, enough is still known to draw a clear enough picture of Seller and its various functions. For starters, if users aren’t registered as sellers, they can go ahead and sign up using the app. From there on, managing inventory and tracking sales are some of the functions that Seller allows its users to engage with. Customer support can be both set up and managed from the app, and users can even start marketing campaigns, keep a track of promotions, and even delve into some Insights regarding their virtual outlets’ progress. There’s not a lot else that we know, but already it seems apparent that TikTok really wants its userbase to be actively invested in both selling and shopping online.

The reason as to why details are so scant is because the app hasn’t seen a wide release. Far from it, as a matter of fact, since the only country that currently has access to Seller is Indonesia, with specific regions at that. The app started out on iOS platforms, but has expanded itself to Android users as well. We only wait for the time when it will expand itself to other regions and countries as well.

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