Google’s new app “Qaya” will help creators make a good living by selling products online through its platform

Google has released a new app 'Qaya' to help creators monetize their influence.

Google is an American tech company that works on internet-related services, a search engine, online advertising, a cloud computing software, and hardware company. With Covid-19 emergence last year many people adopted a 'work from home' routine. With the world coming back to normal, Google decided it is time to help these people and creators come back on track. So, what did it do?

Recently Google launched the "Qaya" to help creators monetize their ventures. Creators can use Qaya as their business center where they can trade anything via various payment methods but this app is currently available for only the US region. Google is starting to give rise to it in more regions of the world slowly and gradually. So what does this platform do?

According to Google, creators can use Qaya as their business hub by adding the Qaya links on their social media bios, and by showcasing the digital product they upload or service hosted on other platforms.

This particular platform will make it convenient for creators to sell their goods by providing a platform where they can upload their products and make it accessible for a wider audience. It supports gated and complementary products as well as creator give-away products.

Moreover, Qaya would be a helpful accompaniment for creators, now creators can directly promote their product below their YouTube link because Qaya will be directly linked to Google owned properties. There are also customer management and reviewer elements that expand the value of the offer.

But the thing to recall is, currently several forums are giving their monetization tool for creators so it's difficult to say will creators add their QAYA links into their profile when they could directly be monetized using more integrated into each app.

This new application however, is in its initial stages and currently only available in the United States. While all of Google’s launched and inaugurated applications have proven to be beneficial for its users and overall community, how well Qaya will be of use, let’s wait and watch.

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