Instagram issues a new report, highlighting the trending topics for the year 2022

With the year coming to an end, all analysts are issuing an overview of how well their year went. Instagram was not behind. The tech giant recently issued a detailed report on upcoming trends. Instagram is one of the most popular social networking platforms around the globe. The social networking site is greatly famous among Gen-Z and millennials. This Monday Instagram came up with its first report on the trend. The report covers the topic of what the biggest social media trend of 2022 would be.

Instagram Reports beautifully compile on the growing trends in 2022. It highlights beauty, fashion, shopping, dance, education, celebrities, and for compiling this report Instagram took a survey of 1200 US users (14 to 24 years old) using the YPulse survey.

Here is a glance at an Instagram upcoming trend report.

According to the report “Digital Thrift stores will be the biggest trend in 2022”, online shopping from companies' retail stores was the biggest trend, especially after the corona pandemic. Half of the young people are interested in online shopping now because of the lockdowns that were implemented, but now in 2022 online shopping is further moving ahead and thrift store are in for some big game.

Reuse and Repurposing apparels are part of these online thrift stores. The survey showed that almost 1 in 4 users wants to shop directly from second-hand websites using their news feed. Moreover, Let’s take the look at the upcoming fashion scene.

After spending the two years in lockdown now GenZ wants to do something new in fashion. They are opting for some bright and bold fashion choices as their way of joyful living with the world coming back to normal. The new generation is pretty confident in their fashion statements and know how to pull things off.

Apart from this, music was also seen as an evident part of this report. Life is nothing without music. Short-form video is now trending in Gen-Z. 41% of young adults said they are fandom members, they want to discover new music and artists through social media.

1 of the 4 young people are trying new and exciting recipes in their kitchen with the help of social media recipe which is posted on many Instagram account.

While talking about fashion, shopping, music, and food we can't forget the education section of the Instagram report. Many GenZ almost 90% of teens believe that real education comes with everyday experiments and hence believe in experiment and experience based learning more.

With the increasing social media trend, the digital influencers have become a great inspiration for young teens. 4 of 5 young people believe social media celebrities have more influence on society than traditional celebrities.

Mental health was given utmost importance too as it is believed that mental wellness is the most important aspect of living well. Many young people are willing to take part in mental health activities.

Social media is evolving every day and there are always newer trends and topics that come and go. With the advancing times we are glad to see social media playing some kind of positivity for the people despite so many claims of it being a harmful material for kids.

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