These new applications on the Samsung Galaxy Store can potentially infect your device with Malware

Hacking and spread of malware through mobile applications have existed ever since app stores came out. Hackers and bad actors use different techniques to get inside your phone and mess around with your data. The hackers use the applications as gateways for installing and running harmful files into your device.

Recently newer apps of this kind were discovered on the Samsung Galaxy store leaving a large number of Galaxy phone users shocked, as reported by AP.

Samsung Galaxy users after the discovery of these apps are told to be precautious while downloading through the app store. Different applications on the Samsung Galaxy Store are being used to spread malicious files into the devices which possess potential danger against the user.

Around 5 applications are discovered behind this. Reports have shown that all five of these applications are a clone of a long gone application named 'ShowBox' which was a free pirated movie application and was quite famous around android users.

While all five of the applications are working properly and do not seem to have any danger at the first sight. The apps however are designed as gateways for potential malicious files to enter the device.

Diving deep into the codes of these five applications researchers found that the applications are built to perform dynamic code execution which means that the application can pretend to be clean, while downloading and running many malware files into the device.

People since the release of these applications have been downloading it. Upon downloading the application, they receive a notification from Google Play protect, which warns them about the app. Most people tend to ignore the warning thinking that the app is safe because they are downloading it from Samsung Galaxy Store. If you know someone that owns a Galaxy phone, make sure you warn them about this new application.

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