Apple App Store faces some security issues which might cost them their loyal audience

As we all reside in the era of violence and intimidation so the security issues in the world are a very serious problem now. Similar to this, the security problem in the tech industry is not a very strange occurrence. Currently, many big giant techs like Apple are facing very severe security problems.

Apple is on the way to launching its iPhone 14, inside leaks from Apple, several upgrades are in the row and the giant tech is planning to give some huge surprises to its user.

While Apple is the top notch tech company, they are still facing some severe issues in software, privacy, and security with their older versions.

iPhone 13 users are currently facing some problems with their handset like camera bugs, unresponsive screen, and many more and this should be an area of concern for Apple management. iPhone and iPad users are facing trouble in almost every area.

The giant tech has to work on these problems because iOS 15 upgraders and currently iPhone 13 users will halt their future upgrading in their phones until Apple clear all these problems.

If we are talking about security, an Apple insider, App developer Kosta Eleftheriou in a series of tweets disclosed that Apple has severe security flaws better to say ‘shocking flaws’ in the Apple app store which has encouraged tricksters to leverage app purchasing system to do loot of millions from iPhone and iPad users.

Kosta Eleftheriou says that the Apple app store is a factory of spam apps. The developer highlights the line of authorized apps that includes some simple services like photo filters, children's play apps to movie trailers. These apps asked users to insert codes which led them to robbery online. Moreover, Apple takes its fair share from these apps is what comes off as shocking.

Apple is currently hosting many illegal movie streaming apps and making a good fortune from this.

The Apple insider pointed out some very serious questions and the fact that Apple management is very well aware of all these apps. These apps have been accessible for months but they are not taking any sloid action against them and beside this, they are earning from it too.

Moreover, all these apps have two million downloads and generate $16,000 per month or 6 million dollars per year. In addition, social media influencers with millions of followers are promoting these apps too.

Apple really needs to work on their security before they lose the loyal audience they have gained over the years.

Update: Apple has informed media out lets that they've removed all the illegal apps discovered by Kosta Eleftheriou.

Brett Jordan / Pexels

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