How cybercrimes are expected to increase in the coming year of 2022, and will big tech giants be able to prevent it?

Over the last few decades, technology and its influence have largely expanded, with this growth in tech also came an increase in cybercrime and theft which according to reports are on the rise.

The data from ITRC and LookOut sheds light on trends of cyber security breaches and data theft, clearly showing the large increase in data and security breaches on the internet.

The report shows the record till 30 September 2021 (the only reported breaches) and the record clearly shows how statistics have largely increased from the year 2020 and this is alarming to us how our personal information can be used on the dark web by bad actors.

The October report shows that in 2021 (remember we are still a few days away from 2022) many big corporations this year were affected by cybercrimes. Only, In the USA, 90,000 people per month are affected by cybercrimes. The number of people will continue to increase in 2022 according to the ITRC October report.

Bad actors from the Dark web can easily steal the personal and financial information of vulnerable consumers from their online accounts. This is especially for all those people who are using the same passwords for a long duration on several accounts and using their birthday, anniversaries, or their kids' birthdays, or high school, college name as their password. Cybercriminals can easily get this type of information from their social media profile or simply by a few minor hacking tricks.

People admitted this, in a survey conducted by the Lookout that they are using their birthday, anniversaries as their password and are often repeating it.

So as a precaution don't utilize your important dates as a password and let them turn into a nightmare by bad actors. Use a combo of different characters and symbols or simply utilize a password manager.

These nasty hackers can also ruin your life through a "sim swapping scheme" by hijacking your mobile number. Through this way of hijacking, they can get your mobile number, receive your SMS (short messaging service), and then get access to bank passwords and other important things. Last month in November 2021 a teenage Canadian got arrested for stealing 36$ million dollars in cryptocurrency through a sim swapping attack and that too from a single victim.

While all this is done, moving onto another part of the report we will focus on the topic of cryptocurrency.

As the digital transition growth is rapidly increasing. Cryptocurrency is becoming more mainstream as many of us know what cryptocurrency is. It's not as hard as we all think.

Cryptocurrency is a digital payment system. In that system, users can't rely on the bank to verify the transaction. It is a peer-to-peer system. Cryptocurrency stores in a digital wallet and it is simple to understand now, how all your block chain money can easily be stolen from your digital wallet through cyber attacks. In a report, from October 2020 to May 2021 in total, 80 million dollars were stolen from crypto accounts. It's 1000% higher, in comparison to the period October 2019 to May 2020.

Here we are lending you some tips to avoid cryptocurrency scams analyze the claim before making any payment, don't blindly trust anyone, some people can reach and claim that they are from government officials, who directly ask you to make payment through cryptocurrency don't capitalize on any investment opportunity. Never share your private key and enable your two-factor authentication.

However, while the increase in cyber crimes and attacks have rapidly heightened, similar alternative measures to prevent it are being taken too. Over the years, big tech giants’ have learned some tricks at hand which they now make sure to use in order to avoid such cyber attacks.

Apple and Google have taken massive steps into ensuring that their users stay protected from such attacks at a certain point. Though there are chances of cyber attacks increasing in the coming year, let us assure we know that the tech world will also take similar measures to alternate the impacts of the attack.

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