TikTok just introduced Creators Next portal to help making money more easy

TikTok has announced that the platform is bringing in new methods through which the content creators can make money more easily. Although TikTok has already allowed sending gifts to their favorite creators during live stream, the platform has decided to make this feature available even when the creator is not on live stream.

For such gifts and tips, a separate portal namely Creators Next has been made that will provide all the upcoming and already present monetization features to the users, so that they can easily manage the money being made.

This new update is a part of the company’s strategy to make sure that the content creators stick with this application instead of seeking out on other applications that gives money to their users. TikTok faced some criticism in 2019 as the users were not able to use the application to make some cash other than signing up contracts with different advertisers and hence in 2020, the application decided to divide its $200 million of Creator Fund among the most well known creators on the platform .

Back in October 2021, TikTok conducted a test run for tips, in which limited creators were shortlisted but now, anyone who meets the criteria will be able to receive tips. The basic criteria includes 18 years of minimum age with 1 hundred thousand followers. If a creator receives a tip, they will receive exactly the same amount as there will be no charges included.

The company is also planning to extend the live gifts and tips option. Diamonds are used as a source of online currency, later these Diamonds can be redeemed for real money. This feature will also be available for non live users as well. Unlike the eligibility criteria for receiving tips which included minimum 100,000 followers, the eligibility criteria for receive gifts will only be 1000 followers.

For those who wants to work with advertising bodies and businesses to make cash, the criteria to reach Creator Marketplace has now been brought down to just ten thousand followers. Currently the feature is only available in few countries which includes United Kingdom United States, Spain, France and Italy and will soon make its way in Australia and Canada.
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