Study Shows Which Industries Are Most And Least Trustworthy In Public Eyes

Suffice it to say that the pharmaceutical industry is among the least trusted in the world, and you really can’t blame people for thinking this way. After all, major pharma companies have ended up causing opioid epidemics in places like the US, and they profit off of all of the healthcare that they support so it is not really surprising that the majority of individuals out there are not going to end up trusting anything and everything that they choose to say.

With all of that having been said and now out of the way, it is important to note that a recent study has gauged public opinion of pharmaceutical companies and the like, and that has shown that in general the public is far less likely to trust a pharma company than they would any other type of enterprise. The Public Affairs Council polled around 2,199 adults in the US. These US adults were asked about their opinions regarding various industries and companies, and pharma companies truly struggled in this department.

Almost half of all respondents, around 46% to be precise, said that pharma companies were less trustworthy than companies in any other type of sector. What’s more is that approximately 40% of respondents also said that they felt like there were not enough regulations being put in place for pharma companies and the like. Most people would find that concerning because of the fact that this is the sort of thing that could potentially end up allowing pharmaceutical companies to do whatever they please because they are never going to have to worry all that much about government oversight.

These are the companies that make the medicine that we take on a more or less regular basis, so allowing them to operate so freely might not be in our best interests with all things having been considered and taken into account. However, things not might be quite as grim for major pharmaceutical companies as some might assume, and one reason for that is that their trustworthiness levels appear to have gone up when you compare them to last year.

Last year, around 49% and 47% respectively said that they didn’t trust pharmaceutical companies and that they felt that they were under regulated. When you look at those numbers this year’s 46% and 40% seem to be a lot more positive, and public perception surrounding government regulation in particular seems to suggest that people are more amenable to these types of companies not being as heavily regulated as they currently are.

A major contributor to this type of phenomenon might be the pandemic where major pharmaceutical enterprises were able to successfully deliver vaccines that have most definitely reduced the potential death toll of the virus. This has made people realize the importance of these companies, and while their previous failings should be ignored their positive performance during a period of time where people needed them quite a bit has resulted in a boost in their favorability. Also, the fact that the tech industry is being viewed with increased suspicion might be drawing the ire of various people elsewhere, which could potentially be another factor that is making it easier for pharma companies to get people to like them.
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