Over Two Thirds of Millennials View Automation in the Workplace Favorably

Automation is the sort of thing that is often considered a bit of a bogeyman when you look at it from a labor point of view. After all, most people are wary of a machine coming and taking their jobs, but with all of that having been said and now out of the way it is important to note that automation can often make it so that it would a little bit easier for you to get a reasonable amount of work done.

A study that focused on human perception of automation conducted by Hyperscience, a company that specializes in workplace automation and the like, found that 81% of people didn’t think badly of automation and other related types of topics at all. One thing that should be taken into account here is that the study revealed lots of people don’t really know what automation truly is, something that indicates that their favorability might change if they uncover the truth of the matter at hand as well as all of its implications.

75% of the people that responded to this survey said that they knew what automation was, but 55% of them gave explanations that were derived from popular misconceptions regarding the subject. 17% of people said that the believed the main purpose of automation was to replace people in the workplace, 3% felt that it killed jobs outright and 10% didn’t know the difference between AI and automation which proves that a sizable portion of individuals are unaware of how automation can make life just a little bit easier for them while they are at work.

The answers differed based on the sector that respondents were working in as well, with 70% of people in transportation and logistics believing that automation could do them a lot of good. Numbers were high for the finance and banking sector as well with 66% of people in that field claiming that there was some benefit that could be derived from automation, but with healthcare, insurance and politics the favorability was less than 50% coming up to 48%, 47% and 45% respectively.

It should come as no surprise that Millennials, who are among the youngest people currently in the workforce with a huge chunk of Gen Z still in school or college, have a highly favorable view of automation in the workplace. 63% of millennials felt that automation was a good thing in work environments, and 35% felt that they could work easily with machines and that most other people would be able to do so as well. Hence, automation might be inevitable because it’s relatively normal for those that are already familiar with it.
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