Adobe Published A New Report On Black Friday Spending And How It Has Apparently Decreased When Compared To Last Year

A study by Adobe Analytics reveals that for the first time ever, Black Friday sales have decreased in amount when compared to the previous year.

That is honestly a statement that I never thought I would ever even come close to typing out. As a rather active tech writer, I expected headline after headline about Black Friday sales going off the rocker since, well, that’s almost traditional at this point. If one such Friday goes by without anyone bashing in another person’s head while fighting over a 40% discount PlayStation console, one really does get around to wondering what went wrong? Black Friday is a period that, due to the insane amount of discounts across the internet far and wide, is defined by an excess only rivalled by Christmas. However, of the two, no one barges in to deliver moral lessons about the true meaning of the holiday spirit in the former. Which, to this author, is a relief since holiday cheer and Christmas Hallmark channel movies are getting sort of overdone at this point.

However, when we talk about sales being lower when compared to last year, one should remember to keep Black Friday in context. Sales in 2021 reached a mind blowing USD$ 8.9 billion, as opposed to the USD $9 billion in 2020. Oh my, what horror, what will the multibillion corporations ever do now? Snark aside, Adobe does seem to have some explanation as to what has transpired. Essentially, Black Friday sales are typically defined online by the dates that fall nearby. Remember that joke about how Christmas feels like it’s happening earlier and earlier each year? Well, something of the sort has also happened with Black Friday this year. In an attempt to keep themselves ahead of the curve, corporations decided to start major Black Friday sales and discounts as early as the middle of October.

That left consumers in a position to avail the best deals as early as possible, as well as attempting to get some presents out of the way for beloved (and tolerated) loved ones. Ultimately, Black Friday sales may very well have been more successful than they were last year. Other than that, the Adobe report commented on just how important smartphones are becoming in the sales department, with 44% of all Friday sales being contributed to by those very special hand-held technological bricks. The video games industry also led sales, with the Nintendo Switch being a highly sought after item. Games such as Spider-Man: Miles Morales and Just Dance 2022 accumulated a lot of sales as well.
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