Research Predicts Apple Taking The Top Position In Marketplace Shares From Samsung After Q4 2021

A quarterly analysis reveals that the iPhone market shares in Q4 2021 are projected to rise, taking over Samsung for the number 1 spot after quite a long while of the former securing said place.

The Apple vs Samsung debate has raged on, currently rages on, and will continue to rage on so long as individuals have the ability to reason. Arguments about cost effectiveness and the ability to mod one’s smartphone OS will continue to permeate the social sub consciousness for years to come. How could they not? Apple and Samsung are some of the biggest sellers of quality smartphones in the world, with perhaps the only legitimate competition being provided by Xiaomi (and Xiaomi’s only high on the list since its phones are super cheap and affordable). As it stands, due to the supply shortage still persisting, sales for most device brands are suffering and might keep going for a while. However, Apple’s still kept going onwards, and is apparently successful enough to make it directly to the top. That is, if things don’t go immediately wrong this close to the final quarter of 2021 wrapping up.

TrendForce, a market analysis firm, has conducted a study of the smartphone marketplace and published their predictive findings on the fourth quarter of this year. The data reveals that Apple is projected to see a full rise to occupying 23.1% of the marketplace, effectively taking Samsung’s spot as the number one smartphone developer. In general, the reasons quoted for this happening seem to mainly revolve around this holiday season, as almost every other holiday season, being a very strong draw for Apple products in the form of gifts and whatnot. We’ve just wrapped up Black Friday and Cyber Monday as well, which were also successful endeavors for the smartphone company, leading it to the place it currently occupies. People have a tendency of gifting each other Apple products over Samsung ones, since the former is considered to be a bit more luxurious even if older devices essentially cost the same as other high end products from the latter. It’s an image thing, and Apple’s cultivated a perfect persona of stylish and luxurious.

Q3 2021 seeing the release of the iPhone 13 was also a big step, leading to a massive quarter over quarter increase of 22.6% in sales, with over 51.5 million units being snapped up like a snack. As it stands, the marketplace shares have Samsung at the top, followed by Apple, Oppo, Xiaomi, and Vivo in that order. By the end of Q4, we expect to see that first place crown toppling a step down into the hands of a new victor.

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