Google Search app is replacing the search bar position, it might move it down for easier use

Google one of the leading tech firms has played a pivot role in changing the world of technology towards better advancements.

The company is always working towards products and features which can prove to he beneficial for its users. Among one such features the ability to use its applications single handedly happens to be one of them.

Over the years, with mobile becoming an integral part of our lives, Google has tried to form an easy approach in features which will help users to use the app with one hand meanwhile performing other tasks with the second hand.

The company first launched this single handed features in its first party apps and the roll outs were seen in Material You design updates and Android 12 pixel updates.

However, the company is now working towards introducing the same feature on the Google Search app.

The search bar will be moved to the bottom of the screen which according to Google will ultimately make the screen use easier and enhance user experience.

This new update was first spotted by Smartdroid which showed that this new update will change the whole outlook of searching and browsing, making it far easier and within your thumbs reach.

The feature however is still in beta version 12.47.12, which means it is still not available for everyone.

Many beta users who updated to this version also couldn't see this feature, let alone the general public which means that Google is testing this feature slowly.

However, this isn't the only feature that Google is testing. The tech firm is also testing an approach with the search bar permanently on the top and the weather widgets removed from the top left side.

The tech firm is always working and updating towards newer changes and trying out approaches which will work best for them. The company hasn't decided what changes in search bar placement they will make or will the even make one or not. However, it won't take much time before we find out what decisions the company has taken.

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