Here are 100 most valuable brands which played a major role in shaping this year's economy

In 2020 we saw how due to unmanageable situation of Corona virus economy decreased worldwide, and left almost everyone in bad conditions. But in 2021 we have much succession of economy as compared to 2020. However, this wasn't easy as even this year Coronavirus gave all of us a hard time, a lot of techniques were used to have such great outcome and at last the efforts paid off. The economy increased worldwide as compared to last year’s economy, obviously none of us is familiar with the lifestyle in Covid Pandemic but yet it's the new normal now and coping up with it as soon as possible would be of great help.

Talking about the investing schemes we see that nothing much revolves around good schemes but importantly most does revolves around how these schemes are being applied in daily life or we can say how one is accomplishing the given task or how they are being implemented.

Now coming towards Marketing strategies which are the base and through them a company’s success or loss is determined. Marketing strategies control on what we eat or drink or buy different products, so they really need to be mind blowing. Seeing big brand such as Unilever or Adidas they have very impactful advertisements which make the audience buy their products. Through good marketing strategies not just big but smaller companies can also be successful.

Branding companies must be very strong with clear success views rather than being another weak company added in the list, a clear view of how the team see's their company in coming future years is a really essential factor for its steps towards success and also to maintain the legacy, one of the most common examples of which are Apple or Samsung, it's clearly seen that these companies from a long period of time have maintained their position in the market.

The total estimate in the year 2021 of 100 brands had increased up to 42%, and combined $7 trillion.

On top of the list, we were able to see none other than Amazon which managed to gain brand value of $683 billion, on second number was Apple with $612 billion as its brand value, several other social media platforms were visible in the list such as Facebook with brand value of $227 billion, Instagram was also included in the list and TikTok too. Take a look at below infographic "The World’s 100 Most Valuable Brands in 2021", which comes courtesy of VisualCapitalist.

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