Meta's Jobs section will be unavailable for users from 22 February 2022

Meta, formerly Facebook, has decided to take down its Job feature. Back in 2017, the platform first introduced these tools in Canada and U.s. After receiving a positive response from the users, Meta expanded the feature to another 40 countries as well. Now it is confirmed that the users from other countries will not be able to use the job feature by Facebook. Seemingly, the Facebook job browser was an excellent source for both job seekers and employers. It allowed businesses to announce the job vacancies on their page so the one who liked or visited the page can apply.

LinkedIn is also well known for the same services of career-building and the platform is doing better in terms of hiring and seeking jobs. But we all are aware that the Facebook community always thinks one step ahead. After the announcement of removing the job feature, LinkedIn can stop worrying, as there is no competition.

The questions that may arise here - will the community be providing any alternative or not? Well here is everything that you need to know about the update.

The employers only in China and U.S can take advantage of Facebook Jobs tools as the action would be taken outside of these states. They can post the jobs by using both lite and desktop versions, without any fee from the community. Facebook has a solution to almost every problem. The hiring post can be reached to most of the people (relevant to the nature of the job) by boosting or running ads and one can easily show interest in the opportunity by filling an application form. Similarly, employers can easily manage the posted job and view all the details of the applicants.

Contrarily, the employers outside of the mentioned states, will not be able to use a Facebook job browser. With that, all groups with job types will change into general due to the unavailability of free job posting features.

Will this decision affect the employers and job seekers or not? Well, we cannot predict anything. Considering all the scams that people had to face, it might be a wise decision.

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