CreatorInsider's Latest Video Delves Into Super Thanks, New Additions To The Self-Certification Process, And Channel Memberships

A recent CreatorInsider video updated the YouTube community about tweaks to Super Thanks, channel memberships, and the YouTube Partner Program.

Super Thanks feature is a relatively recent addition to the YouTube interface, allowing users to support their favorite creators by offering them tips, typically during live streams. They’re comparable to subs, which act as an equivalent tip of sorts on Twitch. At first, whenever a user offered a YouTube Thanks to the relevant creator, a comment would be added underneath, signifying the exchange. The comment initially just said “Thanks!”, which isn’t exactly the most inspiring of recognitions. However, YouTube is now testing out the ability to edit those comments, thus giving the donating user a much more intimate and personal response in kind for their contribution to the creator’s content. Creators can edit the comment to their preference, and the comment will be displayed in the same location within the feed. Since the feature is currently being tested out, only a few creators have access to it, but the Insider video assures the community that it will be rolled out to further individuals.

Next, YouTube has collaborated with If This, Then That (IFTT) with the intention of adding a more community-centric feature to channel memberships. Essentially, creators can now create feedback forms that can be sent out to and freely accessed by members. These forms can then be utilized in order to change membership rewards, or add to them in a manner that satisfies all involved parties across the board. The feedback forms can also be used in order to receive constructive criticism or the like with relation to one’s content. Overall, it’s a pretty nifty method of really involving one’s userbase into the creative process, even if their role is rather small. It should be noted that these forms cannot be accessed by, and therefore filled by users that aren’t members of that specific creator.

Finally, a new category has been added to the YouTube Partner Program’s self-certification process. The category, named Enabling Dishonest Behavior, is less of an addition and more of a clarification, as stated by the Insider video. It essentially acts as a buffer that sorts out users who may have dabbled in illicit activities such as hacking, trespassing, or cheating either on YouTube or other platforms. The overall intent is to clarify to both the community as well as advertisers that such behavior is not tolerated on the platform.

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