Google’s Year in Search 2021 has been released featuring the top searches of the ongoing year

Two months back, in October, YouTube announced that the tradition of making a rewind video for the year is now coming to an end. With this being said, it was clear that no video will be made for the ongoing year. However, they also said that though there will be no video, but the year rewind will be represented in a different format.

Recently, the different format has now been shared in the form of a list with different categories based on the top searches of different topics on the platform. Before the top search was released, Google had also shared the top applications on Google Play as well as a separate list for best extensions on Chrome browser and a music rewind list for the top songs of 2021was also revealed.

The Google’s Year in Search of the ongoing year holds the name of all the searching trends observed throughout 2021, along with this, a 2 minutes video was also uploaded which highlighted the changing trends throughout the 12 months. The list has been prepared in a chronological manner accompanied by filters that can divide the trends on the basis of different categories such as the 3E’s, namely Environment, Economy, Entertainment etc.

Each list of different topics holds a brief overview and an option through which it can be shared on different applications. To make things more engaging, a quiz has also been uploaded with questions related to each trend. Upon answering the quiz, additional description is shared with the viewers.

12 sections have been made and each section contains the top 5 searches of trends related to that particular category. The first category is general one which holds the overall most searched content, the remaining 11 headings includes News, Actors, Games, Food and so on.

The overall searched content was topped by India vs Australia cricket match followed by the take over of Afghanistan as the top topic of News. Alec Baldwin, the 63 years old American actor, was able to top the actors category as well as the people’s category. The Danish soccer player, Christian Eriksen became the athlete of the year and Birria Tacos as the most searched food of 2021. Fifa 22 became the second most searched game as it was taken over by Popcat. Marvel Cinematic Universe, shortly know as the MCU had 3 of its movies including Eternals at the top followed by Black Widow on second position and Shang Chi and the legend of the Ten Rings on 4th , in the top 5 searches list on the basis of movies. The category of Passings had DMX at the first place followed by Olivia Rodrigo’s Driver License as the top searched song . Hala Madrid CF was the leader of the sports searches, the Korean Series, Squid Game had everyone’s attention which lead it to be the most searched television show of 2021.

2021 still has few days left, hence, it can be expected that by the end of the year, an updated list could have new names in it along with the latest trends.

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