Reddit's 2021 recap shows data about its most interacted conversations and top posts on the social network

Reddit is one of the most loved and interacting social discussions platform on the internet. The social network has a lot of people commenting and reading it every day, and every month. The company recently revealed some of its statistics which shows us how well in terms of growth and engagement is the website growing year after year.

The website launched a report on the data about its live streams, AMA reports and top posts of the year 2021 and safe to say, there have been some massive upgrades from the last time.

To start with its overall growth, the community has now over 52 million daily active users who are interacting quite eagerly in about 100k of Reddit’s sub communities. The discussions and the communities within Reddit show the diversity of topics the website holds for discussions and why people are so eagerly engaging it.

The statics data showed that Reddit the total number of posts grew about 19 percent and now stand at 366 million, the comments went up to 2.3 billion after seeing a rise of about 12 percent while the up-vote saw a 1 percent increase from its last comparison.

However, the statistics and data that Reddit reveals doesn’t sit well with some people. This is because Reddit shows a different version of data each time. For example, once it will show the daily activity of its users and in the next report they will summarize the monthly active user count. Hence sometimes it’s difficult to compare if the growth is as massive as the company makes it seems or if it is just a mind game.

Apart from this, Reddit posts which saw the most attraction were the r/wallstreetbets. This basically was a war against the stock market where investors ended up buying shares of Game Stop in order to punish a few people seeking to cut the short the stock.

Followed by this, the most enjoyed and interacted conversation on the application was of a lobster diver who survived a whale swallowing encounter. According to reports, the diver was swallowed by a whale, however, survived and was thrown out. Obviously people take interest in conversations and events so rare and want to know the experiences or the thoughts the person who encountered it went through.

After this conversation, a talk with Bill Gates on the website saw some great questions for the billionaire.

Reddit for sure is a great place to have general conversations about stuff or fun and positive debates. The tech firm is doing well in terms of growth and we are sure it will be seeing some massive success in the future as well.

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