Google Is Adding A Massive Number of 3D Models To Its Search Engine, Representing Major Monuments Across The World

Google has recently added a slew of new 3D models for major tourist attractions and monuments across world into Search results for when those places are looked up, as reported by 9to5G.

3D models may not have made the wide world accessible to people on the internet since, well, you have to really visit a place in order to experience it. They have, however, contributed enormously to educational progress across the globe, being used to teach both children and adults alike about structures and concepts that are difficult to explain without a proper visual representation to guide us. Kids may have active imaginations, but might still find it difficult to imagine the Leaning Tower of Pisa and just how sloped it is, or perhaps visualizing the great pyramidal dome of the Louvre is a difficult task. Can teachers arrange tickets and visas to the EU for all attending children on the spot? Nope, but they can now just go to Google Search, type in the relevant location and voila! We now have a 3D representation that students can really benefit from!

Google’s been adding feature after feature to its Search engine, with the constant and steadfast goal of making it more fun to use and accessible for wider audiences. A relevant example can be found in the 3D animals that can be found when searched up, which for starters look very well rendered, and also emit their respective roars, squeaks, and whatnot. While not related to the Search engine, Google’s Arts and Culture division managed to assemble a very thorough and well executed virtual tour of the Great Wall of China, complete with images from the Wall stitched together to form a proper examinable structure, alongside its markings, graffiti, and notes regarding history. It’s projects such as these that really help elevate Google’s products, and keep them fresh in people’s minds.

A whopping total of 98 monuments have been added to Google’s 3D registry. Right off the bat, it should be noted that the renders aren’t nearly as good as those of the animals, but that can be justified by the fact that the monuments are also much larger and more elaborate in size and scale. 3D renders of animals also have a lot of reference data to pull from, which is an advantage that not all of the models can adhere to. All 98 can be found listed in the Knowledge Panel, under the View in 3D card. I’d start listing them, but we’d be here all day. Best to just open up Google Search and, well, search them up!

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