Google Is Updating Its Search Results User Interface In Order To Better Display Maps And Other Location Results

Google is updating its Search results interface in order to display the map differently, emulating a local pack design that better suits desktops, reports SEL.

Google’s affinity for coming up with newer and newer ways to fiddle with the Maps interface, or at least something adjacent, honestly has no limit. I’d list some highlights, but honestly, if you can’t find an interface update right now, just wait a minute or two. That’s not to say the updates are all bad. In fact, the constant updates have kept the interface relevant and constantly useful, even if most updates are just simple tweaks to either the UI itself or some prior update that needs fine tuning.

The Search engine itself also keeps getting an endless list of updates, as Google keeps investing in making sure that one of its most used products of all time is always up to date and fresh for users. Only recently Search had dozens over dozens of monuments 3D rendered and added to its results. This way, users can explore a fully rotating version of historically significant structures such as the Eiffel Tower or the Leaning Tower of Pisa. Prior to this, there were a series of animals that had very well-rendered 3D models added to the results, roar, animations and all. At this point, the ex-employees of Google Poly are wondering why their time and effort wasn’t spent here instead of, well, being given the boot. Then again, someone needs to keep populating the Google Graveyard every few months or so, otherwise everyone gets suspicious.

The new Search interface change is nothing particularly special, and only acts in the interest of providing a slightly better visual guide for users. Searching up a particular location will now show Maps on the right hand side of one’s screen, with relevant locations popping up right next to it on the left of the screen. This apparent combination is referred to as a local pack, and it lets small business owners and the like feature their shops much higher on the Search results. This way, many individuals who gain a lot of their audience and traffic through Google, ads and whatnot, have a bigger chance of gaining more customers. It’s also a display that suits the wider screen a desktop or laptop typically carries.

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